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Drive Flint Prize Kicks Off Thursday

The Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge will feature a cash prize for an entrepreneur aspiring to make a positive impact in Flint. The prize is funded by a group of both current and former Flint residents.
FLINT (WJRT) - (03/13/14) - A new effort to fix some of Flint's biggest social problems kicked off, Thursday.

It's called the Drive Flint Prize. The contest is modeled after a similar statewide program.

Individuals and teams come up with plans to tackle problems like unemployment, poor nutrition and the need for urban revitalization.

The winners will receive cash prizes and free business services to help make those solutions a reality.

"The idea behind this is that business doesn't have to be only profit-driven or only socially good driven. We can actually bring those two worlds together and help create entrepreneurs and businesses that do good for the community and at the same time are sustainable," said Elizabeth Garlow, of Michigan Corps. 

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