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‘Tis the Season…To Shop Local!

Your Virtual Holiday Shopping Guide from Kiva Detroit and Kiva Flint.
This holiday season, Michigan is opening up its doors for business! We’re especially excited for Small Business Saturday on November 30th, when we celebrate how shopping small can make a big difference.  Join us and take a virtual shopping spree with these Kiva Detroit and Kiva Flint businesses.


Motown Freedom Bakery

Motown Freedom Bakery is an allergen free bakery, producing any sweet treat you can imagine with ingredients suitable for all individuals. If you're looking for some holiday desserts to satisfy even the most sensitive tummies or picky eaters, check it out! Whether it's wheat, gluten, dairy or nuts, Motown Freedom Bakery can bake it!

Sweet Potato Sensations

Sweet Potato Sensations is the sweet potato lover's heaven on earth. Ever had a sweet potato pie? If not, the holidays are a perfect time to place an order and try one out! While you're shopping, make sure to try out the sweet potato cookies, sweet potato cheesecake, and sweet potato ice cream too!


Mark 3 Graphic Design

This graphic design firm can take care of your holidy event promotions, design t-shirts and much more!


Puzzle Piece Theater

Puzzle Piece Theater is providing Detroit with non-stop entertainment this November 30th, with a studio production of The Wayfarer at the Russel Industrial Center's open house event! Pay what you can, and watch a short play while exploring the open house. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for future theatrical events on their website!


Detail Xperts

Looking to give your car a new look? Detroit's Detail Xperts can give you a fresh cleaning to keep your car protected from the coming winter months! With special offers currently available, now is a great time to buy discounted auto-detailing gift cards for your loved ones who happen to love their cars!

Social Grooming Club

Sebastian Jackson uses his barbershop for more than just cutting hair, it's also a social gathering spot for all Detroiters. Come check out how this barbershop stays environmentally friendly, while still being able to provide you with the best hair care experience in Detroit!

Motor City Soap

Motor city soap aims to make the best personalized soap for the working man and woman, by the hardworking spirit of Detroit. Pick a soap and theme that suits you, and grab a basket of handmade soap this holiday season, by having it delivered straight to your door.


Fannie Lucille

Dip into an awesome collection of apparel, accessories and custom backpacks with a customized look designed for you or a loved one.

Trish's Garage

Need some help with your sense of style? Let Trish's Garage help you express your personality through clothing by getting one-on-one styling advice and hand selected clothing! Give your style a tune-up!

Homeslice Clothing

Hand manufactured in Detroit, organically grown fabrics, original designs serving a sustainable purpose. Clothing for the everyday woman, with a great designer style. Great gift items for the holiday season!

Enjoy and happy holidays from the Michigan Corps Team!
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